Rimth Company Ltd., Since 1978

Who are we


On the twenty-sixth of the first month of Jumadi & 1398 AH, corresponding to May 3, 1978 AD, the brothers Abdullah bin Hamad bin Mohammad al-Madi and Fahad bin Hamad bin Mohammad al-Madi announced the opening of their new company, which bore the name Rimth Company Ltd and was based in Riyadh.
The beginning was strong, the rules firmly established, and Rimth Company Ltd started its activity with the trade of electronic devices such as televisions, recorders, telephones, perspectives, computers, watches   and others .....
Despite the identity of the Saudi Rimth Company Ltd, it proved its fluency in speaking commercial languages ??of all kinds, from building real estate and contracting to retail and wholesale trade to investment projects, organizing and managing internal and external exhibitions, to importing and exporting goods and other services that, by virtue of their combined, the company was able to extend its influence and establish Other branches in all cities of the Kingdom of Jeddah   Dammam   His mail   Khamis Mushait.
With your confidence and thanks to your continued support to us, we will be able to expand and establish other branches for us all over the world.
We are always looking to serve our customers in the best way.
At Rimth Company Ltd, we have proven our ability to satisfy your tastes and satisfy your flowing passion through the various services that we planted in the markets. We hope that you look carefully to find what satisfies your curiosity.
First: wholesale and retail trade
We sell, import and export electronic, electrical, medical, home and office furniture and all air conditioning materials and equipment of all sizes.

Second: Building and construction projects. We implement all construction projects, connect heating devices, water sterilizers, mechanical and electronic projects, paint works, and house designs.

Third: Investing We invest our capabilities in your real estate and in buying and selling buildings and apartments.

Fourth: Mediation is implemented according to your request when buying or selling real estate, exchange, commercial agencies, etc.

Fifth: Organizing and managing internal and external exhibitions, in addition to preparing and exhibiting services (selling /   rent), both inside and outside the Kingdom.

Sixth: Administration of entertainment and entertainment centers.

Seventh: Transport and catering services related to oil, goods, etc.


Achievements : Rimth Company Ltd is proud to have invested a large part of its capital in building and designing maintenance centers of all kinds and providing them with various modern devices and equipment as well as providing them with engineers and specialized technicians to serve their customers and these centers are spread all over the Kingdom (to achieve efficiency in the after-sales service) ....
Thus, maintenance has become an important and complementary part of the sales and marketing processes ... Specialized and technical maintenance gives the customer complete confidence in the commodity or product and allows him to give the consumer an appropriate guarantee period and this of course affects a positive and effective impact on the marketing and promotional process